Top 5 activities in Hanoi at night


Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is not world famous for its nightlife, but it’s still an interesting one for those visiting the city. There are still thousands of things to do and places to visit in this Hanoi at night. But for now, we’re listing down 5 of the best nightlife experiences in this city.

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Enjoying a drink at Bia Hoi Junction

The very first suggestion for tourists staying overnight in Hanoi is Bia Hoi Junction. Located at the corner of Ta Hien and Luong Ngoc Quyen streets in the center of the Old Quarter, the Junction is regarded as the quintessential nightlife spot in the city. This is perhaps not the best beer-selling place, but it is the best place to enjoy beer in the a good atmosphere. It is a familiar destination for both Western and Vietnamese customers to sit together on plastic chairs, chat with each other about various topics and enjoy the simple beauty of the daily life in Hanoi.

Enjoying a drink at Bia Hoi Junction

Taking a trip along the streets of the Old Quarter

The Old Quarter for years is a must-included destination in every trip in Hanoi. In daylight, its streets are crowed and bustling, but a night walk there will show you a completely contrasting picture. The noise from the streets with uncountable vehicles is replaced by quietness and sparkle of the street lights. This is really a great time for those who like the silence and privacy, or wanting to discover different aspects of Hanoi. You can go along the streets in Hanoi Old Quarter, around Hoan Kiem Lake and enjoy ice-scream at the end of the journey.

Visiting the Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi night market

Going to night markets is one of the worthwhile things to do in Hanoi as it is a funny way to discover the local life. This seems to become more of habit and hobby of the Hanoians although their purpose for going there is not always for shopping. They sometimes visit the night market just to immerse in the lively and bustling atmosphere of Hanoi, and to gather with their friends to talk, chat, and enjoy their favorite snacks.

Enjoying the Water Puppet Show

Going to a water puppet theater to enjoy its show is really a great suggestion for those who wish to experience the classic taste of Hanoi nightlife. This form of art dates back to the 11th century when the rice paddy fields were heavily flooded. Farmers as well as villagers tried to make their life more relaxed by standing in the water which was waist-deep and used the puppets to perform over the water.

Watching the show, you will see puppets glide and dance gracefully over the water, telling you various stories of ancient myths as well as folklore. If you have time to meet the person behind the scene, you’ll get to know more interesting stories from the puppet players.

Water puppet show

Enjoying Village Show

This is a new but worth-seeing show. Lang Toi – My Village is the thing you should experience to understand Vietnam as it is a delicate merge of tradition and innovation, where poetic beauty of Northern Vietnam’s village life is presented under new cirque approach. Farming, building activities, traditional games, lifestyle of Northern villagers are recreated by ancestral bamboo props, breath-taking cirque and rhythmic dance, juggling, and acrobatics to distinct folk music played from more than 20 musical instruments.

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