Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi (P2)


Hanoi isn’t the best place to be a vegetarian, especially for street food, but if you are a vergen or even want to try these dishes, here are some excellent vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi you can go.

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Located on 33 To Ngoc Van, Daluva is always a wonderful dining experience. While not a vegetarian restaurants, Shay, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about food. The artful menu is has vegetarian dishes labeled, making the vegetarian feel at ease. Asking for modifications on the menu, and vegan recommendations is never a problem; Shay is extremely accommodating. The falafel is always a treat, and there are often specials being featured weekly, as well as special events, such as wine tasting on Fridays nights.

Zenith Yoga

Gelato Italia

Zenith Yoga, with two locations—on at 247 Au Co and the other at 17 Duong Thanh, provides lovely and fresh vegetarian and vegan food in addition to their yoga classes. Decorated with lush pillows and relaxing atmosphere, it is a wonderful place to enjoy your meal. Their menu incorporates many fresh salads and sandwiches, soups and pizzas. They also do refreshing drinks and artfully presented coffees and desserts.

Thien Phat

Thien Phat Restaurant

If a tasty meal is what you want, Thien Phat is a great option, though they do have an extensive menu filled with veggie treasures. Located on 16 Hang Hanh (Just steps from Hoan Kiem Lake) and 91 Ly Thuong Kiet (a more premium location), this Vietnamese restaurant is a quaint operation, though the food is belly-warming and will leave you eager to come back. You can ask for brown rice, and they do many concoctions with fake meat that is very convincing. There is buffet lunch twice a month for just $6 and you can sample the very best of Vietnamese’s vegetarian food.

Gelato Italia

Gelato Italia

Gelato Italia deserves a mention as far as desert is concerned. Their luscious, creamy gelato is as good as any you’ll have in Italy. And theirs will have you a gelato convert, kissing ice cream good-bye. What is extraordinary about their menu is that they mention which flavors have egg and/or dairy, making the vegan as welcome as anyone. And their fruity flavors are almost all vegan; as is allegedly their dark chocolate, which is one of the richest, decadent things you’ll ever taste. Gelato Italia is located on 31 To Ngoc Van.

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